My Life: an autobiography written in 1991

Chris Hani, born on 28 June 1942, in Cofimvaba, Transkei. General‐Secretary of the SACP since December 1991 and ANC NEC member since 1974. Matriculated at Lovedale, 1958; Universities Rhodes and Fort Hare ‐ 1959/61, BA Latin and English. Joined ANC Youth League 1957. Active in Eastern and Western Cape ANC before leaving SA in 1962. […]

Interview with Comrade Chris Hani

CH So let me start from the beginning. I was born in the Transkei on 28 June 1942 in a small town called Cofimvaba which is about 60kms from Queenstown. I was not born in that small town, I was born in a remote village, St Marks. My mother had never been to school and […]

Let’s not monumentalise the NDP

The broad context of the NDP • Global conjuncture – persisting global capitalist crisis in developed centres, relative de-throning of neo-liberalism • South African conjuncture – advances in consolidating a constitutional democracy – but threatened by persisting triple crisis (unemployment, poverty, inequality) • Danger of NDP being divisive factor – with avid supporters and equally […]

Labour Market Transformation

The Labour Market Transformation Programme was established in August 2006 and has since its inception been conducting research on a wide variety of themes including atypical employment, unemployment, wages, unionisation and collective bargaining. Introduction Since its establishment in August 2006, the Labour Market Transformation Programme (LMT) has anchored its work on four key pillars: Analysing […]

Know us more

NALEDI was formed in 1993 and carries out labour and economic research. NALEDI’s mission is to conduct policy-relevant research aimed at building the capacity of the labour movement to effectively engage with the challenges of the new South African society. Besides research, NALEDI’s work also includes managing multi-institutional projects at national and international levels. NALEDI’s […]

Where does it come from?

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