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The 7th COSATU Congress, held in September 2000, passed a resolution which proposed the establishment of the Chris Hani Institute as an “academy to provide education and training for selected youth, stewards and officials.” This resolution identified the urgent need in the current period, for cadre development with the following objectives:

  • to educate a cadre of working class leadership to understand and analyse the political economy of the changing global and South African realities from the standpoint of the interest of the working class. – to build organisation – to build the capacity of trade unionists and shop stewards to engage – to develop a layer of intellectual representatives of the working class grounded in our theory

The resolution further proposes that “Such a programme must provide a sound theoretical, ideological, practical and intellectual development and grounding for current and future trade unionists.” We are faced with the challenge of developing new layers of political leadership for the working class movement, which is an ongoing need. The concept of a Chris Hani Institute had been discussed, formulated and shaped in discussions with the SACP over a period of time before and after the 7th COSATU Congress.

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