Political Education and Cadre Development

The significance of political education cannot be overemphasised, particularly in this period of heightened ideological contestation. Political training is not only significant for building consciousness but also to ensure all round cadre development.  The CHI Political education programme aims to deepen political consciousness and a range of organisational and leadership skills.

The CHI’s dream is to provide a platform and a centre for alternative education, and to that end endeavours to become a workers academy which will have medium term education programme.  This will last from a minimum of a year to three years. Ultimately the CHI aims to become an open university for the working class targeting Party cadres, trade unionists, workers, students and progressive intellectuals. For that reason it will draw on SACHED’s experience as an alternative education system.

In pursuit of its overall aims, the CHI would collaborate with DITSELA, academic institutions and education units of the Party and the labour movement; plus other progressive service organisation.  The aim of the collaboration will include developing alternative education methodologies; share experiences and knowledge; and organise joint programmes where necessary.

Until a fully fledged workers’ academy/university is established the CHI’s political education programme will compromise of political schools; workshops; organisational and leadership schools focusing on organisational and leadership skills. The CHI will also facilitate exchange programmes with like-minded institutes internationally.


  • Building Political Consciousness
  • Cadre Development – with the objective of impacting on state institutions and policy, economic institutions and mass formations.
  • Provide analytical tools to the working class to enable worker leaders to provide critical interpretation of the current accumulation regime and to engage in debate and discussion on how to change this accumulation regime.
  • Strategic Studies and engagement as part of laying the basis for a transition to socialism.
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